Charity Shop Tour Shop (2013)


The Charity Shop Tour Shop 2013

Lorsen Camps with Dave Gray, Jamie Randall and Ben Rowe

The Charity Shop Tour took place in 2003 when Lorsen Camps toured the length and breadth of mainland Britain visiting 1306 of the nation’s charity shops in just six weeks. The Charity Shop Tour Shop celebrated the 10th anniversary of that event.  The exhibition re-presented second hand items bought on the Tour - perhaps once well-loved, then abandoned as worthless or excess to requirements.  These objects are tragic, funny, weird, sometimes all at the same time. Each one hides a story: raising questions about origins, owners and journeys. The items were given context, purpose, value, and an opportunity to be seen and appreciated.

The corresponding art works further validated the Charity Shop Tour items. The focus on making something inspired by that which is seemingly insignificant, raises the question of whether you can find beauty in the disregarded? The medium each artist used playfully compounds this.

While borrowing from elements of second hand stores, (including the furniture which was sourced from local charities) this was clearly no charity shop, it was The Charity Shop Tour Shop - where things find their fit within the beauty of deliberate order and arrangement. 

Funded by Arts Council England and Coventry City Council